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Build financial confidence for your future, with personalized coaching tailored to your goals.
Financial Coaching is a relationship-based approach to money, that focuses on improving day-to-day habits and financial literacy. A Financial Coach takes your values, goals, and lifestyle into account while helping you better understand and manage your money.

What is Financial Coaching?
Similar to a personal trainer helping clients stick to a workout plan, a Financial Coach provides knowledge, support, and constructive feedback to help you overcome setbacks on the path to your goals. East Bay Financial Coaching prioritizes education and empowerment, so that you can build the skills and knowledge to take charge of your own finances with lifelong confidence.
Wherever you are on your financial path, we can help.
Budgeting & Saving
Chart a path toward your goals, build up savings, and prioritize spending
Debt & Credit
Learn to use and improve credit wisely, or pay off debt that's weighing you down
Long Term Planning
Map out big goals, and create a personal plan or let us find you a Financial Advisor you can trust
Big Purchase Support
Talk through big decisions with a coach by your side, before you sign on the dotted line
Investment Basics
Understand the basics of the market and the tools available to grow wealth
Early Career Mentorship
Negotiate salary, understand your job's benefits, and plan the next steps to build your career
Hi there, I’m Kurt! I’m a dad, husband, and native New Englander. I'm also the founder of East Bay Financial Coaching based in beautiful Bristol, Rhode Island.
Meet the Coach
I've seen firsthand how important financial literacy and money skills are to achieving life's biggest goals. Unfortunately, too many people never receive proper financial education, and aren't sure where to find guidance they can trust. I started EBFC because I'm passionate about helping people learn to use money effectively to improve their lives and build better futures.
That passion is central to my coaching, but I also bring formal qualifications my clients can trust:
  • Several years of formal finance, accounting and business education, including a Bachelors from the University of Massachusetts and MBA from the University of North Carolina
  • Years of professional experience in the business world, including interviewing and recruiting
  • Volunteer experience teaching personal finance, money management, and career skills
Send me a note if you think we might work well together. With me, you'll get a dedicated supporter with a friendly approach you can trust. I'm excited to partner on your financial future!
Frequently Asked Questions
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